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Top Ten Ways to Preserve Your Christmas Tree

It's common for a lot of people to put up their Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving, but if we're not careful, our trees can get dried out and start to die. Having a dry tree not only looks terrible but can be a fire hazard. So for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, here is 10 ways to keep your tree healthy and green!

These methods are not proven, but they are all over the web. I would love to hear if anyone has tried these, and how they work! It is not recommended to leave your Christmas lights on overnight or while you're not home, as it could be a fire hazard. 

Top Ten Ways to Preserve your Christmas Tree

Cut an inch or so off the tree immediately  before putting it in water. Otherwise, the sap with form over the bottom and prevent the tree from drinking. 

Spraying your tree down with water can help get rid of insects that might be living on the tree and this can also be beneficial in the water that is absorbed through the needles. 

Keep your tree away from heat like fireplaces, heating vents, and radiators. Also, smaller lights give off less heat, so your tree won't dry out, or white/clear LED Bulbs also generate less heat. 

Try spraying the tree with an anti-transpirant, such as wilt-pruf, or cloud cover. These inexpensive products put a protective layering on the tree that helps prevent evaporation.

They sell packets at the store to preserve the life of your tree. Have you tried this? Does it work?

I've heard that 1 gallon warm water, 4 tbs iron powder, 4 tbs bleach, and 2 cups corn syrup works. Have you tried it?

Sugar and water might be the right solution for you. That's what I use year after year and it seems to work for me. 

Or you could try 5 parts water, 1 part 7-up, and 1 asprin per gallon. Never tried this but curious to hear if it works or not.

The weirdest one I've heard of is 2 gallons hot water, 2 cups of Karo syrup, 2 oz. liquid bleach, 2 pinches Epsom salt, 1/2 tsp of boraxo, and 1 tsp of chelated iron. No idea if this works, too afraid to put bleach in any drinking mixture.. 

Good Tidings 7290001 Plastic Christmas Tree Stand for Trees Up To 10 Feet Tall

Keep the water full. High Volume Tree stands work really well. Mark a dipstick at the 1 quart level for easy reference.

Hope this Helps!

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