Monday, December 13, 2010

Top Ten Things I Remember

Since yesterday would have been my step father's birthday, I felt inclined to come up with 10 things I remember about him. So much has changed for my mother and me when he passed. After all, my step brother's and sister felt that we weren't family anymore and weren't shy at all when it came to showing it.
I remember...

1. All the times you took me canoeing and boating. You taught me gun safety and often took me out shooting targets with you.
2. The 3 parakeets you brought home for me. My first pets for me to take care of.

3. You brought Stevie into my life. I got to wake up and live with the happiest person alive, a smiling gift from heaven.

4. Your famous lobster stew that I watched you make a hundred times. Remember when I took a bowl and accidentally ate all the meat? lol

5. You made sure I had a roof over my head, and that I had everything I needed and wanted.

6. You took mom and me in, even when I know we weren't the easiest people to live with.

7. When you got upset with me for having Stevie out trick or treating too long. He had soo much fun though.

8. How impressed you were when I brought Scott home. I'm glad we were around to make your last couple years easier and less stressful.
9. The birthday parties, family dinners, and the feeling of having a big, close-knit family.

10. When it was my bedtime, I would ask you a question about karate, and I could stay up two hours longer listening to you talk about it.

I think about you always and know that you and Stevie are at peace.


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