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I blog to share my favorite recipes, information on child care, photography, my art, Top Ten Tuesday, and other random things! I hope you enjoy my blog and I encourage comments and feedback as long as they are positive.
Negative, mean comments will be deleted.

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This site is intended for adults, as I may blog strongly, or post a drawing of mine occasionally that might not be appropriate. 

PictureI’ve gone by the name Starz online ever since I started using the internet. I still use it for my poetry, photos and more.
I.cstarz, ICStarzz, xXxStarzxXx, oOoStarzoOo, either way, it all centers around one name.
I live in Maine.
I love the seafood, when the leaves change, and the summer, but I hate the cold!
PictureI joke and say I’m a southerner at heart because when I lived in North Carolina for a short while, I fell in love with the area  as well as a man. My superman.

While I lived there, I also goJake.
I love my little family so far!